Back up your files easily and automatically


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BitReplica is a tool made to protect your files, folders, and information by doing automatic backups through different profiles you can create to schedule the copies for different times (by hour, day, or week).

This application lets you take a big task off your shoulders and makes everything automated and easier, although you can also do it manually if you want.

Save all your important documents, pictures, and videos of special moments to an external hard drive or a device connected to the network to make sure you'll never lose them. It can also help sync files between several different computers.

BitReplica doesn't only copy the files, but also compares the content of the original and destination folders to make back-ups of only the files that were modified since the last backup (incremental mode) or modified since the last full backup (differential mode).

Besides all that, you can also recover a single file from the full backup instead of restoring the whole thing.